3D Buried Treasure

Seattle’s Matt Westervelt contacted us to explain a new initiative being undertaken by Metrix Create:Space. They’re concerned with the skills required to successfully perform powder-based 3D printing. According to Matt:
3D powder-based printing is more than designing something digitally and pulling it out of a machine.  There is skill involved in removing the excess powder, artistic expression in post process and finish.   
To bring up the skill level, Metrix Create:Space will be printing your 3D objects using their powder-based 3D printer and assisting in the finishing process. Most people don’t have access to a 3D printer, let alone a powder-based unit and thus are not able to learn these skills, or as Matt puts it: “drive down the cost and crank up the artistry in 3D powder-based printing”. 
But how will this work, exactly? Matt explains:
Powder prints are much different than FDM prints. You can print much more complex objects because of the material they’re in, but unfinished they are delicate. To make them solid things, there are a ton of options, all of which require time and varying levels of artistic ability. We are going to leave that to you. 
3D buried treasure gives you a more affordable, hands-on idea of what it will take to unearth and finish your custom print. It’s also a way to get a free version of your design if you don’t mind sharing it with others. 
They’ve already had one “MakeShop” on this topic earlier this month; no doubt there will be others. 
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