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Dam Building With a 3D Printer

Of course you can't *actually* build a dam with a 3D printer. Not yet, anyway. But for now you can build rather nice models of them - and that's just what Marco Giubelli did with his RapMan 3D printer for his client. 
The model is of a proposed hydro-electric water storage dam on Lago dell Mischie in Italy, and was created using accurate geosurveys of the area. The purpose of the model was to assist in public understanding of the project. According to Guibelli:
Creating an exact replica of what the dam would look like really helped bring the project to life. When you’re building a new dam that will have a big environmental impact, traditional tools are not enough. The public won’t necessarily understand technical drawings, which is where a 3D model comes into its own. It makes it real for them. 
That's what we like: Making it Real with 3D Printing!

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