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Shapeways Gets Own 3D Printer

For some reason we thought Shapeways was a 3D print service. Well, it is - but now they *really* are because they now have their very own 3D printer on site. Previously all of their work was outsourced to a variety of partners. Outsourcing printing isn't that surprising, given the massive selection of materials they make available; no single shop could do all of that. 
But now they have their first onsite 3D printer, apparently driven by the sudden appearance of floor space at the new Shapeways Eindhoven production facility and a rising need for quick-turnaround rapid orders. The new printer, an EOS Formiga P 100, can print in basic plastics as well as alumide in sizes up to 200 x 250 x 330mm. 
Now's the time to order from Shapeways, especially if you need something in less than 48 hours. 
Via Shapeways (Hat tip to Linda)

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