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New Colors At Shapeways? Again?

Leading consumer 3D print service Shapeways has added Indigo and Dark Grey color options to their awkwardly named but highly descriptive "strong and flexible" plastic material. It seems not a month goes by without the inventive mandarins of Shapeways announcing new colors or material availability. Don't get us wrong - we think this is the way to greatness: continuous experimentation. Try something and keep it if it works, shut it down if it doesn't. As a result we now see their amazing service provide all these materials: 
Alumide, Milky White Matte Glass, Full Color Sandstone, White Strong & Flexible, Transparent Detail, White Detail, Black Detail, Stainless Steel, Grey Robust and other experimental materials from time to time
in these colors (not for each material, obviously): 
Grey with Speckles, Milky White, High Gloss White, High Gloss Black, Blue, Magenta, Green, Semi-transparent, Steel, Gold, Bronze, and Grey. And sometimes seasonal experimental colors as well as silver
Aside from new colors, what new materials would you like to see Shapeways offer? Titanium? Wood? Chocolate!

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