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3D Systems Acquires A Service. Again

Not long after purchasing Bits From Bytes, 3D Systems has now acquired industrial rapid prototyping service QuickParts. Quickparts is a significant service that provides a variety of 3D printing technologies, including: 
  • Stereolithography(SLA)  
  • Machined Plastic Prototypes(MPP)
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Selective Laser Sintering(SLS)
QuickParts also provides injection moulding services. 
We're contemplating what this means. It's pretty clear that 3D Systems is on a tear to become big. Now, we realize they (and Stratasys) are already the 800lb gorillas in the 3D printing space, but we think they aim much higher. Already 3D Systems is valued at well over USD$1B and there are lots of opportunities to make that much larger. 
Watch for more acquisitions in the future. 

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