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Open Source Laser Cutter

We were contacted by Bart Dring of, which provides a variety of resources for laser cutting tech. Bart says: 
I thought you might be interested in my new open source laser cutter.  This is a second generation generation machine called the 2.x Laser.  It is a much more robust and easier to build than the previous laser. It will be release under OSHW (as soon as a logo is picked).  Currently the license is Creative Commons Attribute, Share Alike.
We are indeed! According to their post, the 2 axis machine has a third manually controlled vertical axis, and has a build envelope of 12” x 20” x 4”. The T-slot framed machine has upgraded electronics and differs in philosophy from the previous version. Version one attempted to be self-replicating, but this implied a constrained design. The new version instead focuses on robustness for increased functionality rather than replication. 
Join their forum to gain access to the design and build yourself a cool laser cutter!

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