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More Interest In 3D Printing Companies

Maybe it was the Economist article, or perhaps the recent run-up in 3D printing company stocks, but there seems to be growing interest in the industry from the general public. We read an article recently that seems to be directing investors towards the industry. 
Seeking Alpha performs a great breakdown on the two publicly traded stock companies, 3D Systems and Stratasys. Ominously, they say this: 
The Holy Grail for me is a situation where I identify a company on the cusp of a major economic revolution. This doesn’t happen very frequently so it’s a short list (at least since the 80’s): Microsoft (MSFT) / Intel (INTC) in the PC revolution; Cisco (CSCO) in the internet revolution; Apple (AAPL) in the consumer IT space and Google (GOOG) in internet search ... No one forecasted them to be as big as they would eventually become. All, though, delivered fantastic multi-year bull runs as they rode their respective mass adoption waves.
What they're saying is that they think 3D printing is going to be a massive industry in the future, and that the time is right for buying in. Perhaps that's why the stocks have been sailing high in recently weeks? 
What was their conclusion? That it's too late to buy these two stocks, at least in the short term, as they've recently been on a tear and are "well extended beyond valid buy points". But they do recommend watching these stocks closely since a moment will come in the future where they will be a great buy for the long term. 

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