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Massive 3D Printer Unveiled

Is your measly 10x10x10cm build chamber too small for your big ideas? Perhaps you should consider acquiring a voxeljet VX4000, which has a build envelope of 400x200x100cm. Yes, that's 4x2x1m or 13x6.5x3.3 feet! This item is so large it requires an installation area of 25x12x4.5m, or 14,500 sqft. Definitely not suitable for your office. At least not ours...
As large as this device is, it still has very good accuracy, including a layer height of only 120 micrometers. 
The CEO of VoxelJet, Ingo Ederer says: 
With our new VX4000 we can generate moulds the size of a sports car, the limit being a volume of eight cubic metres. This presents users with undreamt-of possibilities.
No kidding!
Via TCT and VoxelJet

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