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BotMill Makes Some Moves

3D Printer kit manufacturer BotMill has been making some serious moves to expand their business in the past while. In a discussion with BotMill Chief Gil Mayron, it was revealed that: 
  • BotMill now has a bigtime reseller on their team: Robot Shop, who now offer BotMill's Axis 3D printer for sale on their heavily trafficked site. Discounts available for volume purchases, too! 
  • BotMill has opened up a YouTube channel that provides detailed visuals on the 3D printer assembly process. As of this writing, there are seventeen available, but we expect more to come
  • Finally, BotMill now offers free print samples to those curious about 3D printing. 
Mayron says, "This certainly is a milestone in the 3D industry as we have now perfected our machine processes and can start to move forward with unique business deals."
We think these are great moves, because they address one of the key problem facing personal 3D printer manufacturers today: most people don't know much about 3D printing, if they've heard about it at all. 
The deal with RobotShop will bring 3D printing (and BotMill) in front of many more potential buyers. The videos are, we feel, an essential method of calming less technical buyers facing a perceived scary assembly process, and the free samples are always a good idea because potential buyers get to see and touch what they will be able to make. Will these actions raise BotMill's sales? Time will tell. 

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