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KIOSK By Unfold

There are many designers doing interesting things with 3D printing, but one of the more interesting groups is Antwerp-based Unfold Design Studio. For some years they've been designing interesting creations, some of which are for sale at their online store. 
Recently they've been working with 3D printer manufacturer Bits From Bytes on ceramic 3D printing, but soon they'll be doing something even more interesting. Inspired by author Bruce Sterling's forward looking tale, KIOSK, they're going to attempt something similar in real life: 
KIOSK is a project that explores a near future scenario in which digital fabricators are so ubiquitous, that we see them appear on street corners, just like fast food today is sold in NY style mobile food stalls. A place where you can quickly get a custom made fix for your broken shoe, materialise an illegal download of Starck’s Juicy Salif orange squeezer that you modified for better performance or quickly print out a present for your sisters birthday.
How does this scenario challenge our perception of authorship, originality, design and what is the role of the designer when goods are moved around in the form of digital blueprints and appropriated in ways beyond our control?
Unfold gathered information from various designers and labels about how they position themselves towards this scenario. During the Salone del Mobile Unfold will three-dimensionally scan new objects presented by these various designers and based on the acquired data, appropriate, sample, remix, improve, up/downscale or copy new objects 3d-printed on the spot.
KIOSK will take place during Salone Internazionale del Mobile on April 12-17 in Milan at Privata Oslavia 8, Ventura Lambrate. According to Wikipedia, this is the "largest decoration trade fair in the world." Just the place to attempt bringing science fiction to life.  
Hat tip to Dries

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