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Junior Veloso Is Really Hi-Res

We've written about Junior Veloso's fascinating experiment in constructing a homemade resin-based 3D printer, but he's recently made significant progress in developing the quality of his 3D prints. Just take a look at the image above and we're sure you'll agree he's on the right track. The left side is printed at an incredible "50 micron" resolution.
He's also posted several images of comparisons between his 50 micron resolution and garden-variety 3D extrusion printer kits, and as you can see, there really is no comparison. 
The question is, when can the rest of us get our hands on such an incredible 3D printer? Junior plans to "improve the project in a way that anyone could build one of this 3D Printer at home", which we read to mean "open source". He also is considering putting together kits with the required parts. 
However, to do so he still has to make several adaptations to his machine's design in order to lower costs and improve the quality of operation - and write up a pile of documentation and instructions, too. 
We feel this approach is really quite encouraging - if consumers can produce this quality of objects at home on demand, that will change things significantly. 

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