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It's 20% Off At i.Materialise

3D Print service i.Materialise has a special deal on until the end of this school year: 20% off regular prices for printed objects for students doing school projects. 
Why are they doing this? Because they've observed a significant bump in student prints during the months of April-July. In other words, the work that students have been modelling earlier in the year becomes ripe enough for printing. 
This program does have a catch, however. Actually, more than one. In order to support the discount, there are several straightforward restrictions:
  • Must be a student at a "College, University or Technical school", verifiable through your email address' domain (e.g. ".edu" would be appropriate)
  • The work must be part of a school project or activity, and you must supply photos of your project afterwards for promotional use
  • Must be ordered before end of this school year
The best part is that you can use all of i.Materialise's materials, including the metals and shipping is free if over USD$100 or €100. 

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