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Capture That Dinosaur!

Or at least capture their footprints. Most dinosaur species are now extinct, save for those that fly, but the large extinct versions occasionally left behind amazing fossil footprints. We've been reading a report of how palaeontologists have been using 3D scanning techniques to capture detailed 3D models of these fossilized prints for later analysis. According to SMU paleontologist Thomas L. Adams:
The model duplicates an actual dinosaur footprint fossil that is slowly being destroyed by weathering because it's on permanent outdoor display. 
We think there's another use: 3D printing the footprint, which we feel would be a terrific model to display on a wall or coffee table. It may even be possible to print the "negative shape" - in other words, print the footpad itself by printing the hollow portion of the footprint. 
Where there's 3D model information available, there should be 3D printing, too. *Stomp*
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