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Extreme Redesign Challenge Winners 2011

The winners of this year's Extreme Redesign Challenge have been announced by Dimension Printing. The annual contest permits students from several levels to enter their designs in five categories: College Engineering; Art and Architecture; Middle School/High School Engineering; Puzzle and Game Design; Building or Bridge Redesign. 
This year's winners include: 
  • College Engineering: Jeremy Prince of Tennessee, who designed a "prone stander", a device enabling children with cerebral palsy to assist in developing muscles. 
  • Art and Architecture: Dov Feinmesser & Aaron Hendershott of Toronto, who produced a children's chair that has several different operating modes. 
  • Middle/High School Engineering: Elliot Wilm of Illinois designed a doorstop. But it's a very special doorstop that is embedded within the door itself, providing many advantages. 
  • Building or Bridge Redesign: Jeevan Farias of New Jersey, who redesigned the Beijing National Stadium to reduce the amount of electricity required and add clean energy sources such as wind turbines. 
  • Puzzle or Game Design: Kyle Wilkinson of Indiana, who made a kind of spherical Rubik's cube, complete with a hidden chamber. 
Congratulations to all the winners!

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