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Web-Based 3D Modeling

A couple of months ago we wrote about a new web-based 3D modeling tool, 3DTin. Now there's another web-based tool: TinkerCAD. 
The two tools are different. While 3DTin takes an extremely simplistic approach, TinkerCAD is somewhat more capable. 3DTin is essentially visual LEGO. You build your object by placing blocks in the intended arrangement. 
TinkerCAD is somewhat more sophisticated, offering several different extrusion shapes and sizes - and a subtract function. Depending on what you're doing, TinkerCAD could be more efficient. 
However, both tools are quite limited and can really be used only for pretty basic objects. Having used other more sophisticated non-web tools, we found both to be a little constraining. Nevertheless, this is a great step towards full-on web-based 3D modeling. Feel free to try them both out; no charge for use. What do you think?

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