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Shapeways Introduces New Detail Material

Shapeways, one of the leading 3D print services, is trialing a new pair of print materials that are specially designed for high detail. They're taking cues from a survey in which clients demanded more detail and smoother prints.
The new materials, dubbed eloquently in the typical Shapeways style, are "Frosted Detail" and "Frosted Ultra Detail". What's the difference? "Frosted Ultra Detail" has even *more* detail: it has a minimum detail thickness of a mere 0.1mm, whereas the not Ultra material has a mere 0.2mm detail. For that extra level of detail you'll pay USD$4.39 per cc, or USD$2.89 per cc for the less detailed material. 
This is an experiment, as Shapeways correctly prefers to do. They're testing this material and looking for feedback for only eight weeks, after which we presume they'll decide whether to continue providing it. 
We're very happy to see Shapeways experimenting. Remember, without experiments, no progress will be made.
We're hoping to see "Frosted Ultra Super Amazing Detail" soon. 
Via Shapeways (Hat tip to Duann)

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