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MCOR Establishes US Base

3D Paper printer manufacturer has crossed the ocean to set up an American office for the first time. Up til now the company has operated solely in Europe, but expansion was always their plan. The new office, located in San Jose, Calif, will be the base from which they'll launch into the US market. Of course, they're located in the Irish Innovation Center. CEO Conor MacCormack said: 
Setting up an office in Silicon Valley really is the first step to rolling the Matrix out throughout the US – we have many potential customers in the US market simply waiting to use our technology
Could California be the right place to launch an eco-friendly paper 3D printer? We think it might be. We'll find out for sure later this year when their Matrix 300 3D printer is put to the US market. 
Meanwhile, take a look at their latest video that shows how you post-process an MCOR paper print. This process is called "weeding", and you can see the final print at the end (a face) that apparently is so smooth you don't need to sand it. 
Via YouTube (Hat tip to Deirdre)

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