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3DDC Results

On April 28th the key players in 3D printing from around the world went to Washington DC to try to influence policy makers on the best future for our technology, organized by Public Knowledge. The fear is that 3D printing could be severely hampered if restrictive regulations and digital property rights are misapplied to 3D printing. 
This was the very first event of its type yet held, and indeed MakerBot representative Bre Pettis remarked that: 
We're in a really special time, right here (points finger at table) and now. The people in this room, not just the people up here, but all of you in the audience, this is the first time we've gotten together for a meeting like this to talk about 3D printing and personal manufacturing in one room.
As for results, we suspect they were limited as apparently most of the audience were not policy makers, but instead 3D printing enthusiasts of various sorts. Certainly there were lawyers and lobbyists present, but perhaps not yet enough to make a difference. 
But we think this is still good. This industry has a very long way to go and as the first such meeting, it will pave the way for others to follow. The dialogue has begun. 

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