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A Really Big Unboxing

We thought we experienced a large unboxing when we uncrated a BFB 3000, but we were clearly outdone by i.Materialise. The 3D print service recently received a brand spanking new Fortus 900mc FDM large-scale production system from Stratasys. While we used a box cutter, i.Materialise had to use not only a crew of burly guys but also a crane to lift the near 3 tonne printer off the delivery vehicle. 
Effort aside, this should be a huge boost to i.Materialise's production capacity, as this printer is designed for big-time production use and can build large objects (up to 91 x 61 x 91cm) at high resolution (0.0015 - 0.089mm). 
We hope no one lost any toes during the move.  


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