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Freedom of Creation: Absorbed!

We've written many times about the amazing 3D printed furniture and artwork produced by the design house Freedom of Creation, home of master designer Jyanne Kytannen. But today we learned that FOC, like many other 3D printing-related companies and services in recent weeks, has been acquired by industry giant 3D Systems. 
It's been getting repetitive, writing post after post about 3D Systems' latest acquisitions - but we don't expect them to stop any time soon. Nevertheless, FOC is a bit of a departure for 3D Systems, whose previous acquisitions tended to be either 3D production services or software plug-ins. This one is quite different. FOC is 3D print infrastructure, but in fact is using 3D print technology to produce amazing things for sale in a retail environment. 
We think this is a very bold move by 3D Systems that will differentiate it from their competitors. We now see 3D Systems gradually forming a very comprehensive network of 3D print related businesses, including equipment manufacturing, production services, software and now - retail! 
Two questions come to mind: First, will we see FOC's artistic works retail reach expand widely with the assistance of 3D Systems? And secondly, who's next? 

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