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MyBestFit Could Be MyOwnScan?

There's an interesting problem with women's clothes: the sizes are inconsistent between brands, leading to a lot of experimentation before the right item is selected. However, MyBestFit now offers (at least in some major USA malls at high-end shops) a 21st century solution. They take a quick 3D scan of the buyer, similar to what you do at an airport security screen, and then convert the scan data into precise clothing dimensions. This is then matched against a database of clothing to select only clothes that exactly match the buyer. Very convenient! 
We're wondering if this technology could be adapted in some way for use with 3D object production? If these scanners show up at malls everywhere, why not put them to additional use scanning objects and people. Want a scan of Rex the dog? Your special chair? Just take it down to Nordstrom's for a quick scan. 

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