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Augmented Human Contest

One is always amazed at the imagination of 3D designers who produce unusual objects and applications using 3D printing technology. Now i.Materialise has gone further and started a contest with the most unusual theme yet: Human Augmentation. In other words, they'll give a prize to the designer who invents the most interesting item that can improve your body! 
But what things may be appropriate for this contest? They provide one example (above) being specialized chopsticks that attach to your fingers. Some of these items may merely attach, but others may be "elective implants", requiring some type of invasive action. Regardless, the entries "must improve the human body in some way". Winners will receive a titanium print of their design.
The contest is open until June 6th, and we suspect entries will require not only a great design but some very well-worded instructions to explain why someone would benefit from the item. This should be a very interesting contest to judge. 


Engineering Organs?