The 2Bot ModelMaker

The 2Bot ModelMakerIt’s not exactly a 3D printer, but more of a 3D cutter. The 2Bot ModelMaker is intended for architects and students to print 3D representations of landscapes, layouts and terrain.
From what we see, it appears to be a 50lb computer controlled drill that traverses an inexpensive 12″ x 12″ x 2″ foam board, cutting out bits to reveal the intended 3D model. While inexpensive (apparently “less than USD$1.00 per model”), this technique obviously has some constraints on the shapes that can be produced. However, there are some fairly sophisticated objects in their sample images. It also accepts 3D models in a variety of formats, including Google Sketchup. 
The 2Bot ModelMakerWe had great difficulty finding a price for this unit, but finally found evidence that it’s priced at a completely astonishing, spray-out-your-beer USD$12,000! No wonder the price is not posted on any of their dealers’ sites. We suspect their ongoing USD$500 discount on ModelMaker purchases isn’t going to sway your decision.
Via 2Bot
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