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Domes For All

EFFALO's latest dome-building venture is perhaps their most ambitious: they are attempting to create two critical items, bundling them together as 
  • A software tool that uses parametric design to generate a dome design of any desired size
  • A DIY flexible connector for geodesic dome construction
We've followed the progress of NYC-based EFFALO for some time, as they've been working on the problem of designing and building geodesic domes using 3D printing tech. is not quite ready yet, as they've chosen to launch it via a KickStarter project. They're seeking USD$5K by July 1st, so there's not much time to put in your pledge. Pledges are requested in various amounts, and the larger pledges can get themselves an actual geodesic dome, with USD$599 getting you a massive 14.5 foot diameter dome made of 61 connectors and 165 dowels. 

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