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Parametric Clothing

A short while ago we wrote about Shapeways' 3D printed Bikini, and we speculated on the complexity of software required to develop appropriately fitting 3D clothing. The subtlety of fashionable curves and comfort fit are extraordinarily difficult, as they would necessarily be unique to each and every person. Even slight variations could render a fashion unfashionable. We still think this will be a pretty big barrier unless appropriate (and generic) software appears.
But maybe there's a beginning to it: lemonbow swimwear has developed parametric models for a bikini and a bathing suit using Rhino 3D add-on Grasshopper ("Generative Modeling for Rhino"). According to lemonbow:
... we can now offer a design that really will be custom made for your particular size. All you have to do is measure several points on your body and add these in grasshopper. The design will automatically change into the right measurements and can then be sent to the laser cutter. 
Soon we will start to sell bikini’s online in collaboration with the waag and the fablabs in the Netherlands. 
lemonbow is really modeling in 2D, but is this a first step towards generative 3D clothing? 
Via lemonbow (Hat tip to Bart)

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