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Gray Materialises

Who likes gray? It's a dull, less-than-noticeable color that blends into any background. A gray car? Never! However, there's something intriguing about i.Materialise's new 3D printing material: Prime Gray. Objects just seem to look terrific in this color. According to i.Materialise's Joris Peels: 
Some of us (OK, me) we’re skeptical about the gray color. But, we evaluated it and it turned out to also be a very nice and classy looking material for design and art pieces as well as character models.
We were skeptical too, with other online 3D shops offering flashy materials such as the near-radioactive Nuclear Green, and similar products. But when you look at gray printed objects, they just look great. We suspect it has something to do with natural shadows being shades of gray, giving the object an eye-pleasing uniform color set.
i.Materialise is offering Prime Gray on a trial basis for one month, as is customary.

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