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The Iris van Herpen Exhibition

One of Netherland's most talented Dutch fashion designers, Iris van Herpen, will display her work at centraal museum utrecht from 29 June to 9 October this year. The exhibition will include not only some of her amazing 3D printed fashions, but there will also be a 3D printer (a Dimension) on site demonstrating the process for astonished visitors. 
van Herpen's work is comprehensive, radical and gives you a strong feeling of "that's not possible in real life". Well, it is, apparently. Through the use of 3D printing, she's been able to create stunning works, much of which is apparently built using 3D printing tech. 
We've learned that central museum utrecht has purchased several of her pieces, which are actually made using the Materialise 3D printing service. 
If you happen to be near Utrecht this summer, you might want to check out this exhibition. If not, there's much to enjoy at van Herpen's extensive website, too.   
Via Centraal Museum and Iris Van Herpen (Hat tip to Bart)

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