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End Of The Beginning for MakerBot?

MakerBot sold their very last CupCake 3D printer kit and now offer only parts for that classic 3D printer. 
We think the CupCake was a very special device as it was really the first popular consumer 3D printer. In spite of the limitations and peculiarities of the original CupCake, including smallish build size, the lack of endstops and a challenging extruder, it was for many their first experience with a 3D printer. The intimate process of building your own personal replicator from bags of bolts was a transformative experience, and left everyone with an endearing feeling for "Their" 3D printer. 
MakerBot has since moved on, developing a more powerful 3D printer, the Thing-O-Matic, which ironically incorporates many new features developed originally as extensions to the CupCake. 
The CupCake may now be gone, but it was only the beginning. 

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