3D Printing on CNN

CNN Money’s page today had a front-page article dedicated to 3D printing, featuring an interview with 3D System’s Rajeev Kulkarni, who spoke about their newly acquired BFB line of inexpensive 3D printers. He said: 
This is our attempt now to get at the consumer level, where we make 3-D printing accessible to the mass market.
Now we know the real reason 3D Systems acquired BFB! Ok, we knew that already, but they’ve said it here in black and white. 
We’ve observed interest in 3D printing from stock brokers recently, perhaps causing the run-up of Stratasys and 3D Systems’ stock prices earlier this year, so an article from CNN seems appropriate. 
CNN interviewed several industry players and focused on the future, suggesting that things will take of in ten years or so. We think it could be a lot sooner than that, based on the hardware we’ve seen. In fact, we think the big barrier now is perhaps not so much the hardware, but the software. 
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