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X-Object Sells Up!

We've just noticed another reseller of PP3DP's Up! personal 3D printer: [x]Object. Shipment apparently starts today, July 1st, and pricing is organized around three bundles that we haven't yet seen from other Up! resellers. The bundles are: 
  • UP! Start Plus USD$2950. This appears to be close to the same Up! models sold elsewhere.
  • UP! Designer Plus USD$3950. Includes Hardwood Trim, improved spindle, tool organizer, lighting, wheeled hard case and more. 
  • UP! Model USD$4950. Includes improved spindle, lighting, tool organizer, case and more. 
These models appear to be modified versions of the original Up! to include a variety of convenience features. 
The pre-order for their black printer was sold out, so it's clear there's a demand. Interestingly, this is also an assembled 3D printer, continuing with recent trend away from kits. And - Hardwood Trim? 
Brooklyn-based Up 3D USA will be selling to Canadian customers in the fall as well. 

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