PP3DP Updates 3D Printer Software

PP3DP Updates 3D Printer SoftwareA new release of their 3D printing driver software (for Up! personal 3D printers) was released by PP3DP. Version 1.13 seems to have no major changes but does include some interesting tuneups that should make life a little easier for the Up! owners: 
  • The initial print sequence includes a “two line” extrusion (shown in the image above) to ensure the plastic is properly flowing before the real printing gets going. 
  • A “stop” button has been added. We’re always a lot more comfortable when there’s a stop button handy when mechanical stuff is happening. 
  • PP3DP’s advanced support system now shows the results of your configuration selection graphically. 
We don’t have an Up! here at Fabbaloo labs, but if we did, we’d be upgrading. 
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