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The Spinscan

Thingiverse user tbuser has been working on an open source version of a 3D scanning turntable, complete with cross-platform software. While 3D printer owners are amazed at their ability to produce things, it gets a bit more tricky to create models. Scanning is obviously a great way to get great models for printing - or teleportation to friends, for that matter. 
Why did tbuser embark on this project? Let him answer that: 
Frustrated by no working cross platform open source turntable laser line 3D scan software that works in OSX - I'm taking the plunge and trying to write one using Processing.  I make no promises that I'll be able to find the time to work on this...
We're hoping this project will work out, since there's always room for an inexpensive 3D scanning solution that works well. 

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