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Sit On Objet's 3D Printed Chair

It's always totally amazing to pull a new item out of a 3D printer, but it's even more amazing when it has moving parts and startling when it's a complete item that's ready for immediate use. 3D Printer manufacturer Objet has just produced such an item using a new material on a new printer. The object in question is rather nice folding chair, able to support a person, as you can see in the image above (click for higher detail). 
The chair was printed on a Objet Connex printer, which is capable of printing in multiple materials simultaneously. The chair is apparently able to support in excess of 100Kg (220 pounds), and is made from Objet's curiously named "ABS-like Digital Material". As you might expect, this material has great physical characteristics that permit the guy in the image to sit without the chair collapsing.
Via Objet

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