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BBC Covers 3D Printing

Every few months we see a flurry of articles introducing 3D printing to the general public. While those familiar with the space may find this repetitive, it actually is quite beneficial to the 3D Printing industry, since there are a great many businesses, artists, architects, designers and individuals who don't completely understand what it's all about. 
The most recent BBC article (link below) is a well-written piece that goes over the main points (just-in-time manufacturing, reducing inventory, local production cheaper than foreign manufacture, etc.) 
Many businesses are run by busy folks who are reluctant to disturb their existing (and most often successful) processes. Change can be very hard to do, and it takes a lot of convincing by internal and external (e.g. BBC and others) to change people's minds about how things can be done. 
So we don't mind seeing these articles at all. In fact, we need more. 
Ops, there is! The Telegraph just issued a very similar article.

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