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Shapeways Teaches 3D Design

In an effort to generate more Shapeways designers, Shapeways is offering an in-class evening training class New York City on September 13th. They're hoping to attract people new to 3D modeling who have used some of Shapeways' unique model generators and want more. 
The course seems to be pretty basic, focusing on use of Google Sketchup to create a simple design, which can then be printed on Shapeways' service. The cost of the two-hour course is a mere USD$20, and that includes a USD$25 voucher to cover off the cost of printing any model you cook up in the course. 
We think this is a great idea: encouraging people to learn how to design their own objects. Not everyone will want to, but we certainly need more people designing printable 3D objects. 

Urbee, The 3D Printed Car

New York City Ground Zero Model