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The Hamburger Shoe

People always get excited about 3D printed food in spite of the fact there are precious few ways to do so. While we await the development of a consumer food printer, others continue to experiment. Shapeways reports on a great experiment in which their member Tristan Bethe 3D scanned his shoe, 3D printed a slightly smaller model of it, formed food-safe silicon around it to form a food mold. 
He then simply poured in semi-fluid bread dough and baked himself a shoe. Adding a sole-shaped meat patty completed the "shoe burger".
Not exactly 3D printed food, but that's about as close as you can easily get these days. However, a commenter pointed out that the 3D printing step was overkill, as you could simply sacrifice a shoe by hardening it and using the shoe itself to form the silicon mold. 
We really need an inexpensive food printer. 

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