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Evolve Your Objects with Endless Forms

The creation of objects is often the biggest challenge to those using 3D printers, and thus we're always interested in new ways to obtain or generate them. A new method of generation appeared that uses a Genetic Approach.  
Endless Forms provides an online dashboard in which you evolve objects into desired or at least interesting shapes. You may select which of fifteen generated shapes provide their "DNA" to a future generation, erm, new set of fifteen shapes. By carefully selecting the shapes that best approximate your desired object, you can gradually nudge the evolution towards your goal. But, um, it seems to take a heck of a lot of generations and near geological time to get your object. 
Endless Forms says: 
The objects on are evolved in the same way that plants and animals are bred. You pick the ones you like and they become the parents of the next generation of objects. As in biological evolution, the offspring look similar, but not identical, to their parents, allowing you to explore different designs. 
This is a pretty interesting way to generate shapes, but there doesn't appear to be export capability so that one can 3D print or edit the objects. There also isn't an import capability to give your evolutionary journey at head start. Perhaps this tech could be integrated into 3D modeling software?    

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