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New Up! 3D Printer Software Released

PP3DP has released a new version of their very capable driver software for their flagship Up! personal 3D Printerm, version 1.14 for Windows and version 1.1. for Mac. We've always admired the terrific features and simplicity offered by PP3DP's software, but there are several new features in this release we'd like to see in other vendor's software:
  • Added controls for "Extrude" and "Withdraw" during paused printing. This means it's easy to actually change filament (and therefore colors) during print operations. 
  • Energy is saved with a feature that turns off extruder pre-heating if the machine has been idle for over 15 minutes.
  • A diagnostic function is added that can attempt to figure out what's wrong with your Up! printer.
  • 3D models of Up! spare parts have been added to the included 3D model library, making it easier to repair your machine. 
  • Available on Windows and Mac.
Could PP3DP's software be in the lead after this latest release? 

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