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DAVID Laser Scanner Updated

The inexpensive DAVID Laser Scanner has been updated to version 3.0 with some interesting improvements. This device can be used to capture complete digital 3D models of physical objects - which you can then print, of course. 
For some time the scanner has supported laser scanning, but now version 3.0 adds the ability to do what's called "Structured Light Scanning". This is a completely different approach in which a projector illuminates your object with a standard set of gridlines. The appearance of the gridlines on the object are interpreted by software into the digital model. 
What makes "SLS" better is the speed. Rather than having a laser laboriously dance across an object's surface, the gridlines are able to capture much more information simultaneously. The captures are also more reliable because there is little mechanical movement involved. However, you must perform the scan in a very dark environment, which may limit the ability to scan certain kinds of objects. 
This scanner is to be shown to the public at the TCT conference. We're not sure of the price, but the original version of the DAVID Laser Scanner was priced at £320.

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