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BFB Announces 3DTouch 3D Printer

Just as the TCT conference commences, Bits From Bytes has suddenly announced a new 3D printer for their catalog: the 3DTouch 3D Printer. Details are scarce, and we're seeking more, but for now this printer seems to supersede the very popular BFB 3000 series.  
In fact, the 3DTouch appears visually very similar to the BFB 3000, with the major difference being the control box now seems to be inside, rather than dangling from the front of the unit. This is quite interesting because the 3000 operated from an SD card that had to be inserted into the control box. It would be inconvenient to reach inside the unit to insert and remove SD cards, so we now suspect the 3DTouch may operate via USB, at least more than the 3000. This could simplify workflow significantly. 
Indeed, the press release from 3D Systems includes a quote from Andy McLaren, BFB's Director of Sales, in which he mentions USB improvements: 
The 3DTouch(TM) makes personal manufacturing much easier. Enhanced printability together with a better tablet-like user experience and USB storage makes the 3DTouch(TM) easy to operate and economical to own.
We're hoping to get more details on this printer and associated software soon. But in the meantime, you might consider ordering one from BFB's online store. They're priced ranging from £1,995.00 to £2,495.00 (USD$3,115-3,900) depending on how many print heads you'd prefer. Ship times are "up to 5 weeks", similar to the BFB 3000. 

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