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Shapeways Reveals Production Status

3D print service Shapeways has grown much in the past few years. Now they're so large it's hard to keep track of all their materials offerings let alone their production status. But now you can see exactly what's going on by checking out their brand new "Material Production Status" page. 
On this page you'll see a long list of all the materials they can produce, including not only the plastics but also the glass, ceramic and metal. They color-code any deviances from their normal service levels, which tend to be 10 business days. 
We're fascinated by this report because it provides a glimpse inside of Shapeways operations. For example, the comments from the other day indicated they were shopping for a new tumbler to polish their White Strong & Flexible product, or that they were working with providers to gain more capacity. 
It's an indispensable resource if you make frequent use of Shapeways - especially if you're on a deadline. We also applaud Shapeways' total transparency on this. If only other companies did the same..

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