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3D Systems Acquires ... Jim!

Jim Smith of Grass Roots Engineering has been working on 3D printing technology for quite a while, building such amazing machines as shown in the image at left. But now he's made a big announcement: 
Since I started this website in December 2010, it has received a lot of attention, especially from my NPR Science Friday video interview.  Since then I have accepted a position with 3D Systems, the leading 3D printer manufacturer! (Just to be clear, they are not acquiring my printer or website, just me as an engineer!)
This is not a corporate acquisition as we've come to expect from 3D Systems, but does seem to follow the same strategy: beefing up their stable of personal 3D printing resources, be they companies, services, partners or in this case, skills. 
As the jigsaw pieces are slowly gathered, one wonders exactly what 3D Systems will assemble with them. 

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