The V&A Goes 3D

The V&A Goes 3DIf you’re visiting London soon, we’d recommend you spend some time at the Victoria and Albert Museum, home of incredible deisgns of all kinds. Typically the works are historical, but at times contemporary works are displayed. That’s what’s happening now in a new exhibition called “The Power of Making” taking place at the V&A from 6 September to 2 January 2012. The exhibition includes over 100 “exquisitely crafted objects”. According to their website: 
The exhibition showcases works made using a diverse range of skills and explores how materials can be used in imaginative and spectacular ways, whether for medical innovation, entertainment, social networking or artistic endeavour.
We’re specifically interested in the 3D printed shoes crafted by Marloes ten Bhömer, which we wrote about in January. This is an opportunity for the public to check out these amazing shoes in person. 
The V&A Goes 3DThe shoes were produced with Objet 3D printing technology, which has the unique feature of being able to mix multiple materials together during a single print operation. This means a print, such as the V&A shoes, can include both rigid and soft portions. Very important in a shoe, comfy counts. 
The shoe’s design is quite interesting: it is made of component parts that offer the ability to reconfigure the shoe, yet it is printed in a single operation and emerges already assembled. The design to wearable process apparently was only hours, truly demonstrating the Power of Making.
Via Victoria and Albert Museum & Objet (Hat tip to Clare)
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