Thingiverse Updated

Thingiverse UpdatedMakerBot’s source for freely available 3D models has been updated. Thingiverse, the repository for thousands of 3D models had a makeover yesterday and now sports a much cleaner look. 
The site still focuses on the key categories of objects: Who’s Making What? Newest Derivatives, Most Popular Things and the Newest Things, making it pretty easy to find something to print. 
Thingiverse permits makers to create an online profile and upload their works for use by anyone. If you like one design you can quickly find all other works they’ve made, too. 
An interesting feature is a focus on Tools. There are quick links to find a variety of making tools. One of the tool categories is automated tools, including 3D printers, laser cutters, etc, and for each tool they list models that can be made with that particular tool. 
It’s a nice, timely update that should make the site easier to use. 
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