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Sculpteo's New App

3D print service Sculpteo just released a new iOS app that hooks directly into their service. With the app you can select a variety of 3D models that are tweaked with your personal data. 
You can take a side view image of your face (or your dog's, we suppose) and it automatically creates a vase with a lathed profile view (example above, estimated print price: USD$299). You can tweak bits to create a matrix for impression on the side of a cup. You can answer demographic and sociological questions and have them bar-graphed on the side of a mug. You can place a facial profile on the side of a mug. You can specify text to be placed on an iPhone case. Also there's a small selection of some very interesting non-customizable 3D models as well.  
What's the catch? None, really, other than the models are of course only usable at Sculpteo's 3D print service. You can't save the STL for use on your own 3D printer or another service. 

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