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Another 3D Printed Proposal

Earlier we wrote of how an Objet employee created a special engagement ring using 3D printing and successfully proposed marriage with it. Now we're pointed to another similar scenario, this time involving 3D print service MyRobotNation. 
MyRobotNation is one of several small 3D print services that specialize in a particular genre. Of course, theirs is Robots! You can choose from a variety of Robot components (arms, legs, etc.) to cook up a custom robot of your own. They you can apply colors and stamps to finish the design before printing. 
That's where MyRobotNation user Jennifer's creativity came in: She put a special stamp on the front of the robot saying "Will You Marry Me?" The robot was wrapped up under the Christmas tree awaiting opening by boyfriend Tom on Christmas day. What happened? Just look at the image above and you'll figure it out.

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