3D Printing In Antarctica?

Hundreds of thousands of readers from an amazing 185 countries and territories have visited Fabbaloo since our inception in 2007, but only two visits have ever originated from Antarctica. 
We’re wondering whether 3D printing could play a significant role at the bottom of the world in the research stations, which are often cut off from the rest of the world due to inclement weather. Through strategic use of 3D printing tech, the stations could be able to recreate spare parts and other goods on site and not have to “wait until spring”. 
This is a similar notion to something we’ve written about in the past, where the idea was to take a 3D printer into outer space, where FEDex deliveries of spare parts can be rather expensive. Instead, make the part directly on site and save yourself a lot of trouble. This approach is currently being tested by Made In Space. 
We’re wondering if anyone in Antarctica already uses this approach? Perhaps there’s a chilly machine shop in the back of lab at McMurdo Station that has a Stratasys or a 3D Systems unit in it? Let us know! 
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