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The Prusa Air

The standard RepRap 3D printer designs are made to be changed and many inventors have developed modifications to improve them in various ways. One such design is Mecano's Prusa Air, a modification of the standard Mendel design. The otherwise unrelated Prusa design provided the inspiration for the new Prusa Air through its radical efficiencies, hence its mention in the name of this new design. The Air's goals include simplification of making and assembling the parts; reducing costs and making it pretty, all of which are accomplished.
The Prusa Air version 2 has some unique features:
  • Most of the frame is acrylic pieces, simplifying assembly and manufacture as well as opening up the build area significantly
  • Slightly increased build volume, exceeding 190x190x100mm depending on the extruder used
  • Improved placement of electronics and fasteners
While the Prusa has become a very popular design for RepRap makers, we'll see how many pick up the Prusa Air design. 

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