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Design of the Week: Antique Scandinavian Stoves

This week's selection is a set of Antique Scandinavian Stoves by New York-based Thingiverse user PrettySmallThings, also known as Kacie Hultgren. 
Hultgren's design represents a class of 3D print we've been seeing more frequently lately: miniature furniture. She says: 
I'm a scenic designer in the theatre industry, using my makerbot to make amazing furniture and details for scale models. 
While she's producing theatre models, we recently came across another artist who was attempting to duplicate a stage scene from one of Alfred Hitchcock's movies. Miniature furniture could be a growing trend. 
The pieces made here by Hultgren are classically elegant, accurate and eminently printable on any recent 3D printer. If you like these, you might want to check out her online shop, where quite a few tiny articles are available. 

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