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Oh, The Hype, The Hype!

It's beginning to hurt. We're seeing a minor explosion of wildly excited posts about 3D printing on a wide variety of blogs that attempt to shock and amaze.  
But they're mostly just hype. Consider these recent headlines:
  • This Incredible 3D Printer Can Produce Entire Rooms
  • Automation poses dilemma in labour market
  • 3D Printing Has Now Reached Critical Mass
  • Hot Off the Press: 3D Printing Spells the End of “Made in China”
  • Will the Guys with the [Printed] Guns Make the Rules?
  • 3D Printing Is The New Personal Computing
  • Future of Work: Custom Printed Bodies and the End of the 9-to-5 Job
  • 3D printing may put global supply chains out of business: report
And so on. 
The truth is that while 3D printing is truly amazing and is improving every day, it still occupies a niche in the market. It will only be when very advanced 3DPs emerge in the distant future when significant effects such as those above could actually be felt. 
Eventually writers will discover the truth and switch focus. We can't wait for such headlines as: 
  • Asian Manufacturers Giggle Over 3D Printing Craze
  • 3D Printing Disappointment: Can't Print My Morning Tea!
  • Area Man Dies Waiting For 3D Printed Kidney Replacement
  • 3D Printed Leg Falls Off During Marathon
  • Replicated Turkey Sandwich: "Inedible!"



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